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A Message From the Chair

Angela Shoup

Dear Colleagues,

Why give? Do our gifts really make a difference? Some of
us have asked these questions for many years—repeatedly.
If you are like me, you get your answers when you experience the unexpected flood of positive emotion associated with recognizing that your actions had an important impact on the life of another. Although each of us has the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world in unrecognized acts each day, sometimes to affect real and lasting change we need to join with others. I invite you to explore our Web site which illustrates what we can accomplish when we combine our resources and work together.

With the support of you, our donors and industry partners, your Foundation has continued to increase its reach to further the mission of promoting philanthropy in support of research, education, and public awareness in audiology and hearing science. In our Annual Reports and on our Web site, you will read about innovative next-generation clinicians and researchers
who have received Foundation grants. Our public awareness funding includes the popular DiscovEARy Zone, support of the humanitarian efforts of awardees, and recognition of the achievements of secondary school student science fair participants. Are you American Board of Audiology (ABA) certified? The AAA Foundation supports the professional goals of our A4 partners in the ABA. Are you a supporter of advancing audiology education? The Foundation also contributes to the work of the Accreditation Commission for Audiology
and supports numerous scholarships and educational programs.

On behalf of the entire AAA Foundation Board, I extend an enormous THANK YOU to our current donors! We hope you experience a feeling of satisfaction in a job well done for your important part in advancing our collective philanthropic missions. If you are a future donor to the Foundation, I hope you will recognize how vital you are to our success.

At present, approximately 5% of American Academy of Audiology members donate to the AAA Foundation. With this support, much has been accomplished. Imagine what we could do if 100% of Academy members made an annual gift. Why give? Because by joining with others in pursuit of common goals, we can have a much greater impact.

Angela Shoup, PhD
Chair, Board of Trustees



Science Fair Award Winner at AudiologyNOW! 2013

As part of the Foundation's iniative to foster the audiologists of tomorrow, AAA Foundation Chair Angela Shoup, PhD, presents high school student Haotian Xu with an award for his science fair project, EEG Cortical Signal Measurement and Processing System for Automatic Artifact Removal, Evaluation, and Remote Monitoring of Cochlear Implants.

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