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"Three Wise Monkeys" Arrive in Time for National Audiology Awareness Month

In 2012, the Ida Institute announced the innovation competition Ideas, Speak up—Action and Awareness for Hearing Loss that sought creative concepts with the potential to create public awareness of hearing loss, put hearing loss on the public agenda, and encourage people to take action. A VIP panel of judges chose the top three ideas representing the best of the more than 400 entries in the international competition. Among the winners announced at AudiologyNOW! in Anaheim last spring was ”Three Wise Monkeys: Eyes Checked,Teeth Checked, Hearing Checked”, a clever mnemonic created by Curtis Alcott, the owner of BR&H, a small independent hearing care practice in the United Kingdom and founder of an online think-tank called Audira.info. And now, just in time for National Audiology Awareness Month, the AAA Foundation is collaborating with Ida Institute to promote this charming and smart concept that advances regular hearing check ups.  

All audiologists are encouraged to use the Three Wise Monkeys poster to advance public awareness about the importance of hearing screening. The eye-catching poster can be used in a variety of settings, including audiology practices, schools, university clinics and hospitals…or it could even be passed on to a physician colleague who agrees to display the poster in the office of a family medical practice. 

"The Ideas Campaign sparked the creativity and passion of people around the world," said Lise Lotte Bundesen, managing director of Ida Institute. "All of the ideas focused on bringing hearing health and health loss into the mainstream of public awareness, but we are especially pleased  that the clever Monkeys poster will be available to the audiology community since audiologists have a special concern in sharing the value of regular hearing care with the public.”   

Incoming chair of the Foundation Board, Angela Shoup, added ”National Audiology Awareness Month is the perfect time for audiologists to promote, not only the work they do, but the importance of hearing checkups as part of routine medical care. We thank Ida for their leadership on this project, and appreciate the chance to work with their team to increase public awareness about audiology care.”

Contact the Foundation office (703-226-1048) for copies of the poster.  You can also download the poster at no cost from the Ida Institute Web site where you’ll also find additional resources on hearing health.

Three Monkeys

"It’s just being wise to check hearing, teeth, eyes." Download the "Three Wise Monkeys" poster from Ida Institute and listen to an online interview with Kathleen Devlin Culver, AAA Foundation Director of Operations and Development, to learn more about this public awareness collaboration. (Photo courtesy of Ida Institute)

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