Public Awareness

Public Awareness

Public Relations Media Training Learning Lab

The Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of audiology and the impact audiologists make. This includes partnering with the Academy to provide tools for audiologists to gain visibility within their communities. In an effort to support one of these strategic initiatives, the AAAF sponsored five attendees of the Public Relations Media Training Learning Lab at AAA 2018 in Nashville.

Voices of Hearing and Balance Wellness

Much of the general public, health-care providers, regulators, and legislators are not aware of the amount of care an audiologist can provide for individuals with hearing and balance deficits. AAAF has created a book of patient stories to highlight the importance of seeing an audiologist. Get your copy today!

Past AAAF Public Awareness Initiatives

Public Awareness, focused on healthy hearing and balance, hearing loss and falls prevention, and the audiology profession, is an important component of the Foundation’s mission.  Over the past few years the Foundation has implemented a number of programs aimed at providing tools, resources, and information for consumers and the general public.